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TextExpander lets you instantly insert snippets of text from a repository of emails, boilerplate and other content, as you type – using a quick search or abbreviation.

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Communicate Smarter

TextExpander is your productivity multiplier, a knowledge base from which you communicate quickly and accurately across your devices.

Expand What You Type

Quickly insert “snippets” – email addresses, signatures, code chunks, form letters, images – as you type, using a simple keyboard shortcut, or custom abbreviations. Save time without typos and copy/paste.

Your Second Brain

Gather your snippets of info in one place so you never have to type them again & again. Anything you need to write with accuracy and frequency is there in TextExpander.

Keep Your Team Consistent

Share messaging, signatures, and descriptions across your whole company.

Time-Saving Power

Think beyond “simple text.” Personalize messages you frequently send with custom fields and powerful automation. The perfect message every time. TextExpander kicks your productivity up a notch.

Consistent, Accurate & Current Everywhere

All your snippets are instantly available on all your devices, keeping you productive at work, at home, and on the road.


Transform your work and your team.

Whatever business you’re in—Software, Education, Real Estate, Legal, Medical, Sales, Finance—TextExpander will boost your productivity.

Customer Service

Customer Service

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“TextExpander enables us to respond to our customers quickly… This value can be quantified in saving not just minutes or hours, but weeks worth of time”


“TextExpander is all about efficiency, a combination of speed and accuracy. If we aren’t efficient, we are wasting time and money, and our customers are waiting on us. That makes TextExpander great for us and our customers.”

Todd Curtis, CCO / Chief Customer Officer, You Need A Budget

“TextExpander offers an invaluable platform for sharing knowledge within our team. We can use these templates and resources to complement our personal knowledge, enabling us to provide faster and more customized service to our own users, without having to re-write the basic facts or standard data.”

Stephen Nock, Customer Team, Formlabs

“TextExpander is a huge productivity boost, especially during our most stressful times. Using the new TextExpander has been an overwhelmingly positive experience. We have been waiting for a way to easily share our snippets amongst the team, and it’s finally here.”

Rick Myers, Director of Customer Support, Linode

“TextExpander has been a huge boon for us at AgileBits. We manage a large repository of shared snippets, and TextExpander is the only tool we’ve found capable of handling the job.”

Ben Woodruff, Positive Experience Architect, AgileBits
Danny Santoro

“I absolutely love TextExpander 6, a definite improvement over version 5. The ability to share snippets with collaborators is priceless ­ in an organization with people around the world using snippets 50+ times a day, we’re now easily able to manage, update, and standardize THOUSANDS of snippets.”

Danny Santoro, WooCommerce Specialist, Automattic Inc
Hector Miramontes

“Our team is much more efficient, and faster, when using TextExpander. With it, we can serve our customers better by using and updating our shared snippets within our support team. We manage hunderds of shared snippets for customer responces and save many hours of typing. Our team couldn’t live without it.”

Hector Miramontes, Support Team Lead, Bambú Code
Ty Schalamon

“In this Digital Age, we all spend an extraordinary amount of time typing. This can be emails, instant messages, code, and documents. Any way we can save time will only help us to be able to focus on other projects. SketchUp was involved in the initial BETA test of TextExpander and we have been using it ever since. Using TextExpander, we save between 20-100 hours per month of typing time. That is hundreds of hours saved per year.”

Ty Schalamon, Sketchup

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